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There's No Digital Special Sauce

...and please stop listening to ANYONE who says there is.

Whenever we start working with a new client, there is a period of discovery in which we need to dispel the myth of quick fix, digital special sauce.

It doesn't exist.  It's like when VC's talk about building a business so it will be a "cash generator." It's like, dude, if there was a plan to building a "cash generator," don't you think more folks would have used it by now? 

At the mercy of con artist "digital" salesmen, most of our clients have at one point or another sunk epic budgets into chasing this alleged special sauce.  It's been called many things over the past few years: Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, SEM, Social Media, Viral Videos, etc.  But make no mistake, they're all peddling the same thing in different disguises -- Digital Special Sauce.  They are preying on desperation and not addressing core business problems. They offer deep specialties that may result in a quick fix, but leave clients helpless once the agency engagement is complete.

Please note that lots of these digital tactics can be very effective if used properly.  KIMBA builds them into content strategies and execution plans where they fit.  But, they are part of a larger picture, not standalone answers.

Buzzwords and buzzservices render buzzresults (a common synonym for buzz is "fizzle"). Buzzresults blow away with the next strong breeze of innovation.  

We want to empower our potential current client partners to separate the ice cream from the bullshit when it comes to Digital operations and Digital solutions.  That empowerment is the very backbone of our in-house Content Studio framework and approach.  If we can empower you to discern between lasting, longterm investments in your business's health, and quick fix bandaids that will sooner or later need to be ripped off, we can eliminate a lot of the noise and clutter that's pervaded our industry since the early 2000's.  We can get you that much closer to addressing root problems that have been causing Digital symptoms all along.  We can hit your KPI's and then some.

The Business of Social Media (it is a business, right?)

Win the internet..but to win we need benchmarks. In order to set benchmarks, most brands and their agencies focus on how other businesses are using social media.  In this new business of Social Media, we apply historic communication metrics to measure our success: 

  • Size of fans
  • Impressions
  • Viralness (term meaning "a lot of impressions")

Reporting these metrics is how we keep our retainers, win more projects, and justify promotions.

So, are you gunning for a promotion?

Halloween is fast approaching, it's football season, and holy smokes, the Emmy's are almost here!  What are you doing to prepare for the chaotic whirl of opportunities to place your brand in the center of the action? It could be HUGE. Your brand could be the next Oreos.

We've got 27 people.  What can we do?!


4 Social Media Monitors (the geniuses who identified Halloween, football and The Emmys as culturally relevant topics/events)

3 Art Directors (how can our product resemble something in this photo we found on iStock?)

3 Copywriters (what pun works best here?)

2 Community Managers (seriously -- who is going to post this thing--we have like 5 social pages?!)

2 Graphic Designers (where should our product and pun go in the image?)

1 Analyst (to report "buzz")

4 Lawyers (we can't say 'trick r treat' because the Sugar Council of America will be a nightmare)

1 Marketing Director (the KPI is buzz.  Are we buzzing?! Must make sure we're buzzzzzZZZzzzing! - those extra z's get me extra $!)

6 Interns (need someone to blame)

1 Developer (it's definitely gonna need a microsite)


Get on someone's blog post featuring brands that had the best Pumpkin carving of Aaron Rodgers passing the Emmy to Eric Stonestreet while the rest of the Modern Family cast tackles Nick from the New Girl.

If you were excited about that, leave now. If you cringed please hang out, you're cool. 

So, is this type of communication in your strategy?  Did your agency talk you into this?  Is your view of your customers that flat?  Does this strategy really help them get closer to your brand and business?  Your product and service?  Like for real.  Did it?

Social Media and Content can have much more impact and usability when their preconceived viability is abandoned and evolved from more than outward communications and awareness channels.

So, rethink…hard...


4 Social Media Monitors (scouring the web to find opportunities for your brand to create a positive experience for someone during their point in the customer journey)

3 Art Directors (to ideate on creative solutions for your customers' biggest problems)

3 Copywriters (have them audit, organize and edit all company communications so the brand promise and themeline is consistent across all channels and touch points)

2 Graphic Designers (create the visual materials that bring the brand promise to life across every medium)

1 Analyst (research and analyze consumer behavior and user experience and develop insights to share with your company so everyone can build a closer connection to the customer)

4 Lawyers (replace them with coffee pots, just kidding Howard)

1 Marketing Director (go hang out with the customer service dept,  r&d, and interns to soak it all up and rethink your strategy)

6 Interns (pair them with the aforementioned employees so they can actually learn something -- hell, teach something)

1 Developer (build something meaningful, anything, break it, build it again, then use it or kill it and move on to the next thing) 


Reject an ineffective perception of Social Media and solve problems to create closer connections to the people that buy your stuff.