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How'd We Get HERE?

“Many firms proudly point to their mobile app and proclaim “Hey, we’re digital!” While they may be driving incremental revenue, all they have done is bolt on another touchpoint. Real digital businesses go much further, integrating the two sides of digital strategy: digital customer experience (DCX) and digital operational excellence (DOX).” - Forrester

Out of Operations, IT, HR, Manufacturing, R&D, Business Development, Product Development, Marketing and Sales, Marketing was the first Business discipline to get struck by the rapid changes in consumer behavior and technology.  A chain reaction was set in motion where:

1.    Businesses’ Marketing Departments needed new solutions (like, yesterday)

2.   Agency partners then needed to transform their core capabilities to meet the new and rapidly evolving demands of their clients

3.   Agencies priced themselves out of New Media categories and capabilities because their infrastructures had been built on supporting Broadcast and Print work (much more expensive).

4.   Businesses scrambled to find solutions in house, find new agencies that boasted a more “Integrated” service set.  Meanwhile, Procurement departments stepped in to monitor Third Party spending, which made contracting new agencies and consultants even more difficult.

5.   While hunting partners for help with Digital Creative, Marketing departments were hit on every side by eager technology startups with platforms to automate various aspects of Social Media community management.  Every other day was a training session or a free webinar (sales pitch in disguise)

6.   Businesses are left with a result of the scramble and in a state of overwhelm.  Now, in 2014, there is a choice to make.  Disruption is eminent across all industries.  

The choice is simple.  There are those who will continue to implement bolt-on solutions, ignoring the necessity to transform.  Those businesses will be disrupted and will fail by 2017.  Then there will be businesses who want to do THIS WORK and take real inventory of their organization.  Those will compete and in many instances innovate outside of traditional category constraints.  Yes, this all results in growing sales #’s and ROI.