(1) Goal-Based Content

We create custom content solutions for multi-channel campaigns as well as sustainable marketing efficacy. We use content to enhance the consumer experience at any touchpoint while ensuring we meet business goals (i.e. reach, engagement, conversion and sharing). 

Our Content services include:

  • Insights & Strategy: Ensure content is data driven, emotionally charged and human-centered 
  • Creative & Concepting: Ensure content is innovative, story driven, and purpose-built
  • Production, Curation, Re-purposing: Determine the most efficient use of content types for the most effective engagement and overall storytelling
  • Distribution:  Determine strategy across owned properties, influential publications, people, social media and native advertising
  • Listening & Engagement: To build momentum and scale conversation around content
  • Analytics & Measurement: To properly track how content is performing against established goals and KPIs

(2) Insights & Analytics

We design custom measurement frameworks and data strategies for your brand and business that are useful across your organization.

Our Data services include:

  • Shared Dashboards: We use business intelligence partners to track efforts throughout Social, Digital and Sales channels
  • UX and Solution Optimization: We improve creative and experience design on observations and insights discovered through the application of our custom measurement framework 
  • Attribution Modeling: Custom reporting practice to measure and report marketing efficacy
  • Paid Media Optimization: Creation of efficiencies across paid efforts

(3) Technology Solutions

We practice a people first approach to technology implementation. We research, use and recommend emerging platforms and business systems for your organization. 

Our Technology services include:

  • Vetting & Selection: Our tech partners are on the bleeding edge of innovation when it comes to content distribution, syndication, mobile, measurement, and analytics
  • Prototyping: We test and evaluate digital solutions against any business need
  • Implementation and Management: We manage growth and scale of platforms across your organization and ensure both near term and long term needs are met