Golf Lives: A Docuseries 

Golf Lives is an original docuseries developed and executive produced by The KIMBA Group x VICE for Callaway Golf starring Scarface and Arian Foster. 

Callaway Create

Create is our take on an "influencer" program -- a fleet of artists and creators bringing new perspectives to the game of golf. Mediums include silkscreen prints, custom head covers, drone photography, composite photography, digital art, claymation, and painting. 

Ogio x The Boogie Integration

Ogio Product Videos (that are actually fun to watch)

In collaboration with All Things Comedy, we developed, produced and distributed comedy product videos for 10 top Ogio bags starring comedian Josh Wolf.  This is our spin on the old school "Zappos" product video.

Amazon's Kindle Worlds

Launched campaign including overall messaging, content and advertising strategy, celebrity and influencer activations, member sign-up strategy, for Amazon's fan fiction platform. 

Cinedigm Entertainment

Campaign development, mobile analytics, Facebook media buys, tech advisement, iOS & Android app advertising, KPI strategy, insights and reporting for Cinedigm Entertainment's multi-platform OTT channels. 

The Distance Lab

Distance Lab is an original mini-series we co-developed with Red Bull Media House for Callaway Golf.

Vice Sports: Off Day

Mini-series executive produced by The KIMBA Group x VICE Media for Vice Sports. Ep.1//Andres Gonzales | Ep.2: Lydia Ko | Ep.3: Jamie Sadlowski | Ep.4: Kevin Kisner | Ep. 5: Henrik Stenson

Sony Entertainment Network VIP

Developed, produced and distributed for Sony Entertainment Network. Influencers: Toby Turner ("Tobuscus"), Hannah Hart & Dane Boe ("Angry Orange").

Pacific Standard Time: LACMA & MOMA

Insights, strategy, outreach, events, content distribution, analytics.

Nissan: Innovation Garage

Campaign strategy, program insights and analytics, and reporting.

Omnicom - IP - SaaS data platform for analytics and engagement across owned, earned and paid digital channels.